Large bone & joint devices market to reach $2B by 2020: Four (4) observations

According to the report:

•                Primary hip replacement procedures were the second most predominantly performed hip and knee implant replacement procedure in 2013, behind knee arthroplasty.

•                As of 2013, X-linked PE bearings comprised the vast majority of implants used.

·                The high profile failure of some metal-on-metal bearings led the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to examine the efficacy and safety of five new implants used in major joint reconstruction surgeries.  The research found no convincing evidence supporting the use of the newer devices.

·                Vitamin E is starting to become more prevalent in the orthopedics industry, most commonly used in hip, shoulder and knee implants.

REFERENCE:  Becker’s Spine Review; 29 SEP 2014; Anuja Vaidya

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