More device giants acquire Chinese companies, report

Growth in the global medical device market might be stymied by health care reform in the U.S. and economic challenges in Europe, but a new report finds that another trend has been emerging: the acquisition of small Chinese companies by large U.S. medical device manufacturers.

J.D. Power study shows physicians still see reps as main influence

The role of pharma sales reps has changed in recent years, however, physicians still view reps as the leading influence on their relationships with biopharma companies, according to the recently released J.D. Power and Associates 2013 Physician Manufacturer Experience Study—Oncology.  The study is the first in a series that will examine physician satisfaction with biopharmaceutical manufacturers.  The oncology study looks at oncologist and hematologist satisfaction based on the following factors: sales representative interactions; contributions to advancing medical care; medical marketing practices; patient education programs and materials; and service process.

The FDA wants you!

The Food and Drug Administration, acting on a law signed by President Obama in 2012, has launched the third phase of an initiative to increase patient participation in the regulation of drugs and medical devices. On a Wednesday in April, the agency went live with a new website aimed at demystifying the regulatory process for consumers and patient advocates.