Support Builds to Add Telehealth Options for Critical Access Hospitals

May 27, 2021 The Rural Health Behavioral Access Act, sponsored by US Reps. Dan Kildee (D-MI) and Brad Wenstrup (R-OH), was unveiled at the end of March during a press conference that emphasized the level of support behind the bill, an important factor given the number of telehealth bills now on Capitol Hill. Among those … Read more

Handheld gamma ray camera hunts for cancer beneath the skin

May 25, 2021 The portable gamma ray camera is the handiwork of researchers at Loughborough University, who have been working on the problem for a number of years.  The idea is to leverage the technology in large, complex gamma ray imaging systems that can take up entire rooms.  These involve injecting a patient with low … Read more

Debate continues to boil over pandemic-related IP

May 20, 2021 In a March 29 letter to top Biden trade and commerce officials, the trade associations encouraged the administration to continue to oppose a proposal before the World Trade Organization (WTO) to waive global intellectual property (IP) protection for COVID-19 products.  “This waiver is as vague as it is broad, removing patent, industrial … Read more

U.K Researchers progress toward simple skin swab test for Parkinson’s Disease

May 11, 2021 The results point to the future development of a simple, noninvasive skin swab test for diagnosing and potentially monitoring development of PD.  Such a test might also be used in clinical trials to help researchers measure whether experimental treatments are able to slow, stop, or even reverse disease progression. Commenting on their … Read more

Portable X-ray device would let patients check their own bones

May 06, 2021 Currently, under development at Finland’s University of Oulu, the prototype portable X-ray machine measures just 50 by 50 by 130 cm (19.7 by 19.7 by 51.2 in).  Not only is it much smaller than conventional X-ray systems, but because it incorporates built-in radiation shielding, it does not have to be kept in … Read more

A wearable jaundice monitor for newborns?

May 04, 2021 Jaundice can be treated easily by irradiating the infant with a blue light that breaks bilirubin down to be excreted through urine.  The treatment itself, however, can disrupt bonding time, cause dehydration and increase the risks of allergic diseases.  Neonatal jaundice is one of the leading causes of death and brain damage … Read more