Laser-charged gold nanoparticles destroy prostate tumors in first-in-human study

December 31, 2019 After one (1) year, 14 out of the 16 treated lesions tested negative for signs of cancer, according to procedure developer Nanospectra Biosciences.  The company’s gold-silica particles, dubbed AuroShells, are designed to absorb wavelengths of light that approach the infrared spectrum and are still able to pass through tissue.  When charged up … Read more

Too tough to clean: FDA urges industry transition to disposable duodenoscopes

December 26, 2019 The FDA named several models from Olympus, Fujifilm and Pentax as ones to avoid in the future, all designed with fixed, rigid end caps. These can contain tight crevices that can be difficult to fully clean and may harbor potentially dangerous infections between uses.  Instead, the FDA is urging duodenoscopes be designed … Read more

Sidestepping failing retinas by linking cameras straight to the visual cortex

December 24, 2019 Currently being developed under the BRAIN Initiative of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the OBServ system includes glasses that not only film the scene in front of a person but also track their eye movement to see where they are focusing their gaze.  Though AMD is a leading cause of blindness … Read more

Eye-tracking tests can help diagnose, gauge severity of concussions

December 19, 2019 “Concussion is a three-legged stool.  When you get assessed, you get assessed for eye movement — ‘follow the tip of my finger’ — and you get assessed for cognitive and memory issues.  You also get assessed for balance,” said Melissa Hunfalvay, co-founder and Chief Science Officer at RightEye, a company that markets … Read more

Building a human brain ‘parts list’ for better treatments

December 17, 2019 The team used single-nucleus RNA sequencing to classify neuronal cells in a region of human cortex that plays a key role in many cognitive functions.  The 75 distinct cell types identified are similar to cells in the mouse brain; however, there are also some crucial differences, the researchers reported in a study published … Read more

Scorpion toxin uncovers insights into pain that could inspire non-opioid treatments

December 15, 2019 They isolated the toxin from the venom of the Australian black rock scorpion and dubbed it WaTx (wasabi receptor toxin).  The researchers probed the toxin and discovered that it triggers TRPA1 by forcing its way into nerve cells.  That makes it different from most compounds, which have to endure much more complex … Read more

Zoleka Mandela Joins Global Access To Cancer Care Foundation

December 10, 2019 As a GACCF Ambassador, Mandela will use her voice to advocate for GACCF’s work in low and middle-income countries (LMICs).  She will also educate the public about GACCF’s mission to educate physicians and medical specialists who work in the field of oncology and highlight the foundation’s role in treating cancer in these … Read more

The first 3D models of Parkinson’s, MS are headed into space

December 05, 2019 The disease models comprise microglia — the immune cells of the brain — as well as neurons.  They are the work of a collaboration between researchers at Aspen Neuroscience in La Jolla, California, the New York Stem Cell Foundation Research Institute and San Diego-based Summit for Stem Cell.  The team created them … Read more

CVS moves into kidney care with clinical trial for home dialysis device

December 03, 2019 The clinical trial of the company’s HemoCare Hemodialysis System for the administration of home hemodialysis will involve up to 70 patients at 10 sites, CVS said.  Home hemodialysis helps facilitate longer, more frequent dialysis treatments compared to in-center treatments, according to the company.  CVS officials said the clinical trial for the home dialysis … Read more