Trump Budget Proposes Steep Hike in FDA User Fees

President Trump released his first budget blueprint last week, calling for FDA user fees to rise to more than $2 billion for fiscal 2018 — up from the $1.36 billion set for 2017 — and for $1 billion to fund the 21st Century Cures Act.

Trump picks industry favorite Gottlieb to run FDA

President Donald Trump has chosen Scott Gottlieb to run the FDA. Gottlieb has a history of calling for faster approvals, greater regulatory transparency and a realignment of the balance of power between FDA and doctors, but as an industry insider is seen as a safer pair of hands than some of the other mooted candidates.

MIT researchers create implant to deliver drugs to pancreatic tumors

Pancreatic cancer is usually treated with intravenous chemotherapy, but these injections often fail because the pancreas lies so deep within the abdomen.  Now researchers from MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital have developed a minimally invasive implantable device that delivers chemo drugs directly to pancreatic tumors.

Trump signals elimination of ‘burdensome’ drug approval system

In a typically fiery speech, President Donald Trump in his first joint address to Congress last night tore into the FDA’s “slow and burdensome approval process,” and gave vague assurances that this would be “eliminated … so more lives could be saved.”