3-D printing grows to scale within industry

Over the past two decades, 3-D printing has grown from a niche technology to a multibillion-dollar industry.  The manufacturing process was developed in the 1980s as a way to produce small volumes of scale models but has since expanded to include the manufacturing of medical devices and implants for surgical and clinical use.  The process, also known as additive manufacturing, uses computer models to build three-dimensional objects by printing materials like plastic, polymers, metals and powders in layers.

Why isn’t New York City a biotech hub?

New York City is the center of the world’s largest economy, home to some banner medical institutions and a hotbed of global financiers. However, the city has never evolved into the biotech hotbed local leaders have hoped to see, a failure largely due to one of its inescapable traits:  high rent.

MedTech Prices Lag Behind CPI, Other Medical Goods

Spending on MedTech Steady at Six Percent of U.S. Health Expenditures:  Medical technology prices continue their trend of consistently low growth, increasing at approximately one-third the rate of prices in the overall economy and one-fifth the rate of prices for other medical goods and services over a 23-year period, according to an updated study released today by the Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed).