Medical marijuana startup develops Keurig-like vaporizer device

Companies are developing innovative devices for medical marijuana, rolling out everything from palm-sized inhalers to metered products that deliver drugs through the inner cheek.  Massachusetts startup CannaKorp is taking a different approach, creating a Keurig-like medical marijuana vaporizer device to compete for its share in a growing market.

Crime syndicates are hacking devices to steal private medical information for profit

At least in the device world, the potential for a malicious, targeted, even fatal cyberattack against a patient’s infusion pump or other device is well known, thanks to the efforts of “white hat” hackers like Billy Rios.  Less talked about are ongoing nefarious cyberattacks against devices intended to steal private medical information.

Analysts: Apple could turn to corporate markets to give Apple Watch a boost

Apple has dealt with setbacks for its Apple Watch since rolling out the product earlier in 2015, shelving certain health features prior to launch and facing complaints over the accuracy of the device’s heart rate monitor. With its med tech aspirations for the watch on the back burner, some analysts think the company could turn to corporate markets to boost sales for the product.

Stanford engineers develop touch-free ultrasound device for tumor detection

As scientists search for lighter, low-cost alternatives to traditional imaging tools such as MRI or CT scans, engineers at Stanford University are developing a device that uses microwaves and ultrasound to pinpoint targets without touch, potentially improving tumor detection.

FDA cracks down on genetic test makers for direct-to-consumer marketing

The FDA is cracking down on direct-to-consumer testing companies including DNA4Life and Interleukin Genetics for selling their tests without proper approval, a few weeks after the Agency cleared the way for 23andMe to proceed with its DTC genetic reporting service.