Scientists use magnetic nanoparticles to place stem cells to treat TBI

Using stem cells to treat traumatic brain injury is thought to be promising, but delivering those cells via an injection into the central nervous system is fraught with risk including intracranial hemorrhage and the simple failure of the cells to reach the correct area of the brain.

450+ hospitals pay DOJ $250M for overuse of ICDs at the expense of Medicare

Under a blockbuster legal settlement, more than 450 hospitals in 43 states have agreed to pay the Department of Justice more than $250 million for installing implantable defibrillators within 40 days of a heart attack or 90 days of bypass surgery or angioplasty–a violation of Medicare reimbursement protocol.

Swiss scientists reveal miniaturized patient monitoring device for ICU

As med tech companies explore innovative patient-monitoring technologies to meet growing demand, Swiss researchers are developing a miniaturized microfluidic device that would allow healthcare workers to monitor critical blood levels in real time in intensive care units.

Google’s med tech allure draws top scientists and academics

Google is good at getting what it wants, as evidenced by its recent deals with device and biotech companies through its fast-growing Life Science group.  And the tech titan’s allure has also attracted some of the industry’s top scientists, who left their positions in the research and academic fields to further Google’s med tech ambitions.