3D-printed gelatin robots could target diseased tissue:  Tiny gelatin robots will crawl through your body and cure you of disease

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have created a 3D-printed gelatin robot powered by temperature that they say could replace intravenous injections and pills to carry medicine directly to infections, blood clots or tumors and bypass healthy tissue, according to a study published in Science Robotics. “Our study shows how the manipulation of shape, dimensions and patterning of gels can tune morphology to embody a kind of intelligence for locomotion,” says Study Author David Gracias

Smartwatch being developed to detect suicidal risk:  Researchers to Develop Smartwatch Device to Address Youth Mental Health Crisis

Young people experiencing suicidal thoughts may not notice worsening symptoms, which drove researchers at Oregon Health and Science University to partner with Analog Devices to develop a smartwatch that would serve as an early detector. The watch will collect data such as heart rate variability, which has been shown to correlate with suicidal thoughts in teenagers, and users and their parents will document stressors, among other measures, to see if a biometric signal can indicate suicide risk.