Cancer breakthrough! A simple urine test will detect womb cancer by 91 per cent accuracy

  • April 22, 2021

New Delhi:  Experts all around the world say that early detection is the most important key when it comes to cancer diagnosis, treatment, and chances of survival for a cancer patient.  Early detection can only be possible when there exist accurate, easy, and convenient ways of cancer screening and testing. In the latest breakthrough in cancer, researchers have now found a simple urine test, that will be able to detect womb cancer.  The test is also known to be 91 per cent accurate in its results.

Reports suggest that a new, simple test has been devised which will be able to detect womb cancer, from self-administered vaginal swabs, or urine.  The initial signs of the cancer can be seen through a microscope as malignant cells can be captured by the sample.

To find out if the method really works, researchers used it and identified 98 out of 103 cases of women, who had been diagnosed with the disease.  The method was also able to detect correctly that a person did not have womb cancer, 88.9 per cent of the time.  As per reports, one (1) in five (5) cases of the cancer are not spotted, until the disease has progressed to an advanced phase.  These patients only have a 15 per cent chance of survival for more than five (5) years.

The current method of testing involves a highly invasive process, known as hysteroscopy.  It involves the insertion of a long, narrow device through the vagina and the cervix, into the womb.  A light and camera are attached to the tool, which helps doctors see on a screen the inside of the womb, and identify any abnormalities.  While the method is effective, it is difficult for women to go through the process due to discomfort and pain.  Local anesthesia is used to numb the pain, and the process lasts up to at least half an hour.

Developers of the new method of testing say that it is less expensive, quicker, and pain-free as the sample can be collected by women in the comfort of their homes.  The method has been developed by researchers from the University of Manchester.  “Our results show that womb cancer cells can be detected in urine and vaginal samples using a microscope,” said Professor Crosbie.  “Women who test positive with this test could be referred for diagnostic investigations while women who test negative are safely reassured without the need for unpleasant, invasive, anxiety-provoking and expensive procedures.

We think our new test could offer a simple, acceptable, and easy to administer solution that could be used in primary care as a triage tool for women with suspected womb cancer,” she added.

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