Smartwatch for heart-rate tracking released by Google, Fitbit:  Google, Fitbit unveil smartwatch that can detect AFib

On 07 OCT 2022, Google unveiled its first full-featured premium smartwatch developed with Fitbit’s health and fitness expertise.  In August 2022, Google unveiled its new Fall lineup that included “The Fitbit Sense 2”.  Google said at the time that it marks the company’s “most advanced health-focused smartwatch.”  It features more than six (6) days of battery life.  The watch aims to help users manage stress and track heart health through sensors that can detect signs of AFib, among other things.

Google’s latest announcement features the Google Pixel Watch as part of the fall product line.  The company called it a “natural extension” of the Pixel family in a blog post.  It said the watch combines “smarts and helpfulness” with Fitbit’s health and fitness expertise.  Features include water resistance and scratch resistance with a design meant for wearing all day and night.

The watch’s deep integration with Fibtit provides leading health and fitness features.  That includes what Google calls its “most accurate” heart rate tracking to date.  The watch tracks heart rate once per second thanks to on-device machine learning and deep optimization down to the processor level.

Among the Google Pixel Watch’s health offerings is the electrocardiogram (ECG) app for detecting signs of AFib.  This represents a major step in Fitbit’s effort to compete against the heart monitoring tech on the Apple Watch.  Apple received FDA clearance for irregular heart rhythm detection and notification on its watch in November 2021.  Fitbit garnered FDA clearance for AFib detection this past April (2022).

The watch also provides sleep insights, along with breathing rate, heart rate variability and more.  It has compatibility with Pixel phones, as well as other Android 8.0+ phones.  The watch offers up to 24 hours of battery life, even with all-day continuous heart rate, health and activity tracking.

REFERENCE:  Mass Device (Boston); 07 OCT 2022; Sean Whooley