Clearblue introduces new menopause stage indicator in US:  The Menopause Stage – Clearblue me app can be used to securely store results from the indicator

Procter & Gamble’s brand Clearblue has entered the menopause market with the launch of the new Menopause Stage Indicator in the US.  The Clearblue Menopause Stage Indicator is claimed to be the first and only product to integrate the urine Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) measurements of a woman with her age and cycle history to determine her probable stage of menopause.

The free-to-download Menopause Stage – Clearblue me app can be used to securely store results from the indicator.  The app combines the results of five urine FSH tests, along with age and cycle history, to determine the likely menopause stage.  For an informed conversation about menopause and potential treatment options, consumers can generate and print their personalized report to bring to their clinicians.  Furthermore, women can use the app for tracking symptoms and cycles besides accessing educational content and articles to manage symptoms and prepare for the doctor’s visit.

Clearbluebrand director Leah Wood said “the topic of menopause has 10x more searches than fertility, yet only makes up 25% of the conversation size.  The silence around it is palpable and it’s our hope that if women have more information about where they are in their menopause journey, they’ll feel more empowered to turn up the volume, talk about it, and embrace this new stage in life.”

The Clearblue portfolio includes several products, including advanced digital ovulation tests, fertility monitors, digital pregnancy tests, rapid detection pregnancy tests and others.

REFERENCE:  Medical Device Network (UK); 30 AUG 2023