Abbott and WeightWatchers Launch Connected App

Abbott Laboratories and WeightWatchers have launched a connected app to help people living with diabetes understand how food and activity impact their glucose levels.  WeightWatchers members who follow the WW Diabetes-Tailored Plan can now access their glucose data from Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre 2, a Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system, within their WW app6 while being guided by the WW Diabetes-Tailored Plan.

“Clinical data shows that healthy weight loss leads to a reduction of average glucose which is important for people living with diabetes,” Mahmood Kazemi, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for Abbott’s Diabetes Care Business, said in a release.  “Abbott and WeightWatchers both have a long history of helping people live healthier lives.  Through our partnership, members of the WW Diabetes-Tailored Plan can see within one app how food and activity impact their glucose levels with data backed by our FreeStyle Libre 2 system, so they can make healthy lifestyle choices.”

The companies first announced the partnership in August of 2022.  Abbott’s Freestyle Libre devices have been some of the hottest products in the diabetes management market.  The company was able to change the paradigm of Diabetes Management  when it won a nod from FDA for the Freestyle Libre Flash glucose monitoring system in 2017.  The company won a nod from the most recent iteration of the Freestyle Libre in June of 2022.

REFERENCE:  MD&DI (Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry); 20 SEP 2023; MD&DI Staff